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last show ever tomorrow!! don’t miss it D: 

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Jelly Jive Playlist 9/20/13

Wow next week is our last Jelly Jive show ever…Don’t miss it!!


Nice Face - Asymptotes I - Horizon Fires

The So So Glos - Son of an American - Blowout

Vaguess F is for Fashion

Death Lens - Trashed - Trashed EP


Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin - I Wear Black - Reverse Shark Attack

Hang Time - Turquoise - Hang Time

Corners - The Strangest Things

Poor Sons - Cool Buzz 


Born Ruffians - I Need A Life - Red, Yellow and Blue

Vacation Club - Daydream - Vacation Club EP

La Luz - Sure As Spring - Damp Face

Teenage Buritos - Kamikaze


The Coathangers - Go Away - Larceny and Old Lace

Surf Curse - Ponyboy - Heathers EP


The Headstones - Bad Day Blues - Garage Beat ‘66

Every Mother’s Son - The Proper Four Leaf Clover 

Keith West - Time is on my Side 

Larry & The Blue Notes - In and Out 0


The Leaves - Dr. Stone - Where the Action Is

The Lightning Seeds - Change

The Memories - You Need a Big Man - I Wanna Be That Guy

The Mummies - The House on the Hill

The Nodzzz - In the City (Contact High) 


The Growlers - People Don’t Change Blues

The Garden - Everything is Perfect - Everything is Perfect

The Move - Useless Information 

The Pride and Joy - Girl


The Flamin’ Groovies - The Girl Can’t Help it - Supersnazz 

Dead Milkmen - Dean’s Dream - Big Lizard in my Backyard

Games - Take a Dare - Games 

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah


The Groovie Ghoulies - I Wanna Have Fun With You 

Kakkamaddafakka - No Song

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We are playing this Thursday at the Observatory presented by BURGER RECORDS w/ The Orwells,Meat Market, and The Garden! These posters will be for sale at the show! made by Lou Medrano

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The Shrills playing live on KUCI

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Playlist 9/6/13

Don’t forget to tune in next friday to hear The Shrills play a live set!!!


Laser Background - Disappearing Ink - Set You Free/Disappearing Ink** 

Meat Market - Too Tired - Too Tired** 

Meat Market - The Return of Prince Donathunn - Too Tired**

Home Blitz - World War III - Out of Phase


Rayon Beach - All The Time I Want To Be With You - This Looks Serious

Supercharger - Zodiac - Supercharger

Thao and The Get Down Stay Down - The Feeling Kind - We the Common

The Shrills - Pink Hotel - Meltdown 


The Toilettes - No Nerve

The Ettes - So Say So - Do You Want Power

Pretty and Nice - Q_Q - Golden Rules for Golden People**

Holograms - Fever - Holograms 


Ty Segall - Sweet C.C. - Sleeper**

The Soft Pack - Saratoga - Strapped


Protex - Don’t Ring me up

Poppets - Steal it Like a Thief - Steal it Like a Thief**

Mikal Cronin - Situation - S/T

The Mods - Second Chance


The Modern Lovers - 96 Tears - Live at the Longbranch and More

Box Elders - Death of Me - Alice & Friends 

Deer Tick - Sink or Swim - War Elephant

Big Star - The India Song - #1 Record


The Mojo Men - Can’t You See That She’s Mine

Mokum Beat Five - Apologise

The October Country - My Girlfriend is a Witch - Where the Action Is

PF Sloan - Take Me for What I’m Worth 


Neva Dinova - What You Want - You May Already Be Dreaming

Robbers on High Street - Love Underground - Tree City

Peach Kelli Pop - Dream Phone - 2nd Album

The Roulettes - Baby You’re So Square  


Powder - Turn Another Page

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Biff Bang Powder

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go go go

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Fidlar - Got No Money - Don’ t Try EP 

The Adverts - Bored Teenagers - Peel Sessions
Thane Russel and Three - Security (Otis Redding cover)
The Tempos - Heartbeat
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Murder Bike
Ambulance LTD - Anecdote - S/T
Summer Twins - Forget Me - EP
Thee Makeout Party! - 2 EZ 2 LUV U - Play Pretend
Thor’s Hammer - I Don’t Care from Iceland
Flamin’ Groovies - Teenage Head - Teenage Head
The Tikis - Pay Attention To Me - Dance With Me: The Autumn Teen Sound
The Sonics - Walkin’ The Dog - Here Are The Sonics!!
Tom Tall - Stack-A-Records - Rockin’ Bones: 1950s Punk and Rockabilly
Tijuana Panthers - Prayer Needs
The Traditional Fools - Davey Crockett - S/T
Ty Segall - Sad Fuzz - Melted
Tough Shits - Early Grave - S/T 
Todd Congelliere - Battery Low - Clown Sounds
Triks & The Paramounts - Doe Maar Net Zoals Ik 
Tropics - As Time’s Gone 
The Unbeatable - Changing Times 
The “E” Types - Put the Clock Back on the Wall - Nuggets 
The Unicorns - Les Os - Who WIll Cut Our Hair 
The Vaselines - Sex with an X 
The Aquadolls - Keep Away - We are Free EP
Islands - Jogging Gorgeous Summer - Return to the Sea 
Jenny Lewis - See Fernando - Acid Tongue
Belle & Sebastian - Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
Dukes of Hamburg - Can’t Judge a Book
The Moderns - Ready for the 80’s 
The Fevers - All or Nothing - Gaan Daar Waar De Meisjes Zijn 
Los Yakis - De Dia De Noche
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Summer Twins performing on Jelly Jive!! 8/23/13

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Summer Twins are playing on Jelly Jive TODAY!

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Playlist 8/16/13

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to tune in next week to hear Summer Twins play a live set on our showwww!!!


Summer Twins - I’m No Good - Summer Twins EP**

San Cisco - Awkward - Awkward EP

Royal Headache - Never Again - Royal Headache

FIDLAR - Suburban Home


Summer Twins - Darlin’ - Summer Twins EP**

Supercute! - Love love leave love

The Shrills - Prink Hotel - Pink Hotel EP

Mean Jeans - Slime Time - Are You Serious


Summer Twins - All I Have To Do Is Dream - Summer Twins EP**

The Barbaras - Summertime Road - 2006-2008

Spyrals - Save Yourself - Spyrals

Slam Dunk - Viva Slam Dunkus - The Shivers


Pretty and Nice - Hibernate - Us You All We

Smith Westerns - Only One - Dye It Blonde

Cool Devices - Follow The Money - Follow The Money

The Dirty Blossoms - Don’t Hold Back - Don’t Hold Back** 


Habibi - Let Me In - Habibi** 

Koko Beware - I Miss You - Something About The Summer 

Teenage Buritos - Rachel

Pinkslime - Buying Drugs - Slime EP


Cousin Brian - Fear Instilled - First

Meat Market - TNT 

Nodzzz - Is She There? - Nodzzz

Slowcoaches - Get Ripped - We’re So Heavy


Nobunny - Motorhead With Me - First Blood

Shark Toys - Been There - Been There

Bobby Tea and Cleo Tucker - Slowpoke 

The Resonars - Carrie Don’t Care - Bright and Dark


Pangea - Plasma (outofyourmind) - Killer Dreams

Vacation Club - Forest Babe - Vacation Club EP

Blondewich - Crush - Bleached

Poor Sons - Cool Buzz

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Playlist 8/9/13

The Black Lips - Everybody’s Doing It

Nobunny - Gone For Good

The Clap - Negative

Bonniwells - Pigeon Pizza


The Clorox Girls - Bad Girls

Shannon and The Clams - Oh Louie

Warm Soda - Lola

The Pizazz - Crafty Maneuvers


The Cigarette Bums - Goin’ Nowhere

The Be Helds - This World Ain’t Mine

Cumstain - Just A Kid

Hunx And His Punx - Bad Boy


Surf Curse - I’m Not Making Out With You

Useless Eaters - Drug Store

Cool Ghouls - California 


Smith Westerns - Varsity - Soft Will**

Redd Kross - One of the Good Ones - Researching the Blues

Dino, Desi & Billy - Please Don’t Fight it - Best Of

Mike London & The Englishmen - Gypsy Lady 


The Quick - It Won’t be Long

Andwella’s Dream - Man Without a Name

23rd Turnoff - Don’t You Want Me No More

The Replacements - If Only You Were Only - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash


Knight Riders - I - Nuggets of the Golden State

Simon Turner - Shoeshine Boy 

The Nerves - Stand Back and Take a Good Look

Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside the Womb


The Chandelles - El Gato 

The Saturn 5 - Voyage Around the Moon

The Wonders - Little Wild One

Zoot - 1x2x3x4

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The first half brought to you by DJ Meow Mix. The second half by DJ Cow in a Shoe Store. Fun Stuff!

The Rattles - Come on and Sing 

The In Crowd - You’re on your own 
Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Lies
The Zettlers - Baby Don’t Leave 
The Alarm Clocks - Yeah - Back from the Grave
Heinz - Don’t You Understand 
The Orange Machine - Real Life Permanent Dream
The Litter - Hey Joe
The Meen - Say you love me
Count Five - Out in the Street - Psychotic Reaction
Thorinshield - Daydreaming
The Master’s Apprentices - Undecided
The Quick - Hillary - Mondo Deco
The Night Crawlers - Little Black Egg
The Unforscene - These are the Words
The Hitch Hikers - Feel a Whole Lot Better
The Misunderstood  - Children of the Sun
Overtones - There’s a Girl Down the Way - Psychedlic State NY
Wax Idols - Dead Like You - No Future
Strange Boys - Be Brave - Be Brave
Hunx - Do You Remember being A Roller - Hairdresser Blues
Temple Songs - I Just Saw Sonny - I Can’t Look After You
The Velveteens - Crush Song
Turnpike Glow - 1986 - Inflatable Optimism
Of Montreal - The Party’s Crashing Us -
Sunlandic Twins Granville - Jersey - Les Voiles
Nice Face - Cold Shoulder - Horizon Fires
The Garden - Vada Vada
Rainbow Gun Show - Cinderella Sizzle - Not Quite A Butterfly
Rainbow Gun Show - Stacey Song - Not Quite A
Butterfly Dead Ghosts - When It Comes To You - Dead Ghosts
Hang Time - Turquoise - Hang Time